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We are settled in a historically rich county, housing one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, Cucuteni culture. The area has an interesting medieval fortress and many monasteries to be explored, each with its own history and legends. We are approximately 20 km away from Piatra Neamt, at the edge of Almas forest. Once on Activ Parc & Hostel site you start benefiting the fresh air and the peaceful surroundings all day long.

Your day could be however you want it to be! You can choose to spend it in our park, enjoying activities such as -tree canopy, paintball, archery, or just spending time with the kids while relaxing in a such a green environment. If you decide to explore the great outdoors, then you are again, in luck: we are surrounded by a vast natural area, with forests, hills, mountains and lakes. There are also literally hundreds of kilometers of roads and tracks, suited for activities like - biking, trailing, motorcycling or off-road driving, with difficulties ranging from beginner to master.

After all that commotion we will wait for you with a great meal, cooked by the best and just as important local people, grew by the best farmers around. We grow most of our products with care to quality and respect towards nature. We do not force anything to grow faster, bigger or nicer. Therefore we are challenged to cook with whatever the nature was kind to give us, from farm to table

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Stefana Hs — 5 star

“A great and peaceful place! We felt terrific! It is everything you could want it to be: fun, adventurous, relaxing. Thank you for a perfect vacation!”

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