If you want to help developing your team and their chemistry while having fun in a natural and peaceful environment, then Activ Parc is the place to be! We will offer you fun outdoor team activities, which will improve your team’s performance while also being relaxed and creative. Your team will get better, and they will have fun doing it. Add to that picture a healthy menu with only natural ingredients, a camp fire and a great good night’s sleep and you will have the recipe for a terrific teambuilding trip!

We offer more than one activity, so it is up to you to select your own package:

1.      Compete and Create

Group games and activities that rely on communication, competitiveness and creativity. It implies moderate effort, low to medium difficulty. There are different type of races, building games and skill games. For a group of 20 people (minimum number), this activity will take about 4 hours.


2. Tree Canopy Courses

Three courses of different difficulties, low to high, in our own tree canopy system. It implies high effort, adrenaline and going beyond your limits.

3. Paintball combat

The shooting is done in our yard, because we have also our own paintball field. The setup is 5 vs 5, with the rules of your choosing: team deathmatch, capture the flag, free for all, respawn, no respawn etc.

Paintball implies sustained moderate effort and the game itself helps developing

trust between teammates, communication, ability to make decisions under pressure, dexterity and so on. It IS one of the better activities that help bonding a Team.

4. MilSim Adventure

The ultimate test for both individual and teamwise. Our military course focuses on strength, balance and speed. Each individual has a role to play, different in style and approach. The team that makes the fewest mistakes, wins.

5. Camp fire

This is the time to unwind and truly relax. Our camp fires are big enough to warm you up during the coldest nights. Enjoy the peace, the quiet, the fresh air and the mesmerizing flames. If you still have some energy left, there are also great camp fire games, which our team will be more than happy to teach you.

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